Silicon Milkroundabout – recruiting and getting recruited!

2 thoughts on “Silicon Milkroundabout – recruiting and getting recruited!”

  1. I went to a Silicon Milk Roundabout event a couple of years ago and found it as one of the most dispiriting days of my life. Culturally it was based very much around that Ninja, Star Wars computing world which tends to be exclusionary and excessively competitive,

    Hopefully Which is committed to a diversified workforce so would have recorded the gender and age of the people they talked to. Looking at the photo above I cannot find any women or anybody over the age of 30


  2. Hi Phineas

    I think this is our photographic skills rather than an accurate representation of event attendance. We spoke to 100s of people on the Engineering day a lot of whom were women or over 30…or both! It is true, in my experience, that generally women in IT (and particularly in engineering roles) are under-represented, and Which? Digital has sponsored events that promote and support women in IT, such as Rails Girls London. It would be interesting to see the overall stats from SMR.

    We certainly spoke to a lot of people who were looking to change careers (from completely different backgrounds), and people who had undertaken different training routes rather than a traditional Computer Science degree e.g. Makers Academy, General Assembly, etc. Mostly people were very excited about being involved with Front End development, in particular JavaScript engineering.


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