Sentient Sudoku Solver

2 thoughts on “Sentient Sudoku Solver”

  1. Hey, nice job Anthony, that’s awesome!

    It’s an interesting point about referencing the boxes. I struggled to find a nice way to do that, too, which is why I haven’t yet added a Sudoku example to the website. I made a gist of mine, for comparison: It uses a feature I haven’t documented yet, Array#push. Is that cheating? 🙂

    I’d like to link to this blog post from the website, if that’s all right with you? It’s exciting to see people using the language!



    1. It’s not cheating. You made the language, you literally get to make the rules! Also, feel free to link this if you want to.

      Looking at the snipit the “sudoku.boxes.each” invariant reads really nicely, it makes it very intuitive. It does require some setup but it’s probably worth it. Also like the optimisation of calling the between 1-9 check once. I was being quite inefficient with that now I think about it.

      Keep up the good work man. I’m looking forward to shipping stuff like this to prod!


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